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Ab's Fitness Center

A conceptual identity for a state-of-the-art gym. 

AB's Fitness Center provides first-class service, quality personal trainers, educational programs, dietary supplements and the latest fitness apparel. What makes AB's Fitness Center unique is their luxury offerings; like their childrens play area that is essential for the working parent. AB's provides an enjoyable, uplifting, comfortable and clean environment in which to exercise and train.

AB's for everyone 

A fitness center with accessibility in mind.

AB's Fitness Center provides a welcoming atmosphere to help people with special needs (including people with Diabetes) and their cares using personally crafted programs to educate and inspire a positive self-esteem that ensures permanent weight loss and a pain-free functional level of fitness.

Branding Healthy Goals

Cultavating Healthy Habits

Being healthy is not only how much you bench or how many calories you intake, it's lifestyle choices. AB's identity was designed to show what you can attain by being committed and disciplined. With a little help by AB's staff, not only will members reach their fitness goal but maintain them.

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