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Fresh groceries from your fridge to your door.

With the explosion of smart fridges and online grocery delivery services like Peapod and Instacart, Grozery has found its unique niche by cornering the smart fridge market. In partnering with smart fridge manufactures and local grocery stores, Grozery gives you the ability to order your items straight from your smart fridge, to your door.

User Research

User interviews revealed frustrations with many grocery delivery services and expressed a desire for a service that could be accessed immediately after users open their fridge and realize they are missing essential groceries.

Ideal User

The ideal user is a tech-savvy home cook. Someone with a passion for cooking but with limited time and loathes commuter traffic.


Taking into account the ideal user, I created a quick design flow that allows them to find their needed items quickly and place their order.

Design Solution

Clear, simple, and appetizing imagery was used to take the user through the boundless grocery options. With the ability to customize their order and set item 'favorites,' the process is simple and effective.

Creatures of habit

Research revealed that most grocery shoppers are creatures of habit. Users tend to have their staple meals and will most likely order the same products in the coming weeks. With this insight, I added a reorder pop-up after they add it to their basket. The user can then select to have the item reordered within the following week, 2 weeks, or month.


I created a prototype with Principle. I'm always looking to improve, so if you have any suggestions you would like to share, please send me a message at

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