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Oak Lawn Public Library

 A community sprouting anew, rooted in history.

The Oak Lawn Public Library serves a community of over 56,000 residents. It offers services to a variety of age groups including children, teens, adults, and seniors. The OLPL mails out quarterly newsletters to inform and entice users to attend programs, access services and to participate in the public spaces provided.

Reimagining what a Library newsletter should be.

From fixed to stimulative.

The OLPL wanted to elevate their newsletter and grab people’s attention that delivered actionable results. Before I joined OLPL, the newsletter was a two-color print production created by a librarian assistant. Currently, the piece is printed in full color with the help of an editor, designer/photographer.


Prior to the redesign, the newsletter was cluttered and difficult to read. There were inconsistencies and redundancies. With massive amounts of content and very few pages, the final product was dull and uninspiring.

The OLPL newsletter is sent to all homes throughout the Oak Lawn community, this is usually the first impression a patron may have with the Library. As a result, it was a priority to have the newsletter redesigned and presented in a professional manner.


As a key member leading the project, I took charge of art direction, design, and photography. With an editor on my team to work on the content, we were able to completely refresh the newsletter.

Bold & Inviting

With a brand new look, the first impression of the newsletter puts the institution as a community leader. We opted for bold colors, fun illustrations, strong typography, and local photography.

The Oak Lawn Patron

The Oak Lawn Public Library is the community hub of the village where you can see a senior citizen take their first computer class, the community engaged in special events like the LEGO show, and see smiling kids running around the meeting rooms for storytime.

Since Oak Lawn has a diverse community with a range of ages, cultural backgrounds, and specific needs for each group; it is important that all communication pieces are warm, friendly & inviting.

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