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Standardizing a growing Voice of Customer (VoC) company

When I joined the Opinionlab team, the Creative Director and I began tackling a major organizational problem; defining the messaging and brand of the company. With the company growing exponentially, it was imperative to set business-wide standards.

The iconic chicklet & comment card rating scale.

Opinionlab's distinguishing symbol promotes the location-based nature of customer feedback. Second, to the chicklet, was the comment card rating scale in brand recognition. With these elements, we needed to implement strict usage guidelines across multiple channels and clients.

From the executive room to the development office

Brand elements and messaging were used across different personnel needs: sales decks, client management, and web development. With such diverse requirements, explicitness is essential.

A compact approach

Due to the many needs of the team, lugging around the 'brand-bible' was not scalable. My task was to create a branding standard one-sheet that could easily be printed out for any colleague that had questions about brand color, type, or presentation.

Whitepapers & Leave Behinds

The holistic branding cemented Opinionlab as a leader in the VoC industry. Our whitepapers and leave behinds embraced branding standards while allowing the freedom to address specific company efforts.

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